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Leveraging on combined staff experience of over 50 years in LED technology, ITRAMAS Group has been actively providing Advanced Solid State Lighting solutions for the automotive industry since 2005. Many of our key personnels have had direct involvement in the automotive lighting industry, particularly in LED applications, since 1990s.

ITRAMAS has been a leader in LED lighting for more than 10 years, and has successfully launched a wide range of field tested, award winning, internationally certified, original designed high quality LED products. Our customer base is from REPUTABLE Worldwide Corporations in both the commercial and industrial sectors.

ITRAMAS is investing continuously in advanced manufacturing facility, R&D and Optical test equipment. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology innovations and will continue to excel by collaborating with various innovative corporations and technology driven Institutions.

With our world class ISO9001/ISO14001 manufacturing facility, we provide ODM/OEM LED modules and light engine solutions. These include total system design and complete LED light engines with and without lens for the Automotive Industry.

Currently, we are embarking on capacity expansion program and actively involved in Preliminary Market Test requested by OEM in North America for LED automotive lighting; ITRAMAS's proposals have met OEM specifications and we offer a competitive global business case.

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