Intelligent Transportation System

Variable Message Sign (VMS)
Smart Electronic road signs made with superior LEDs for information dissemination and road safety.

Use TRANSLED™ Variable Message Sign (VMS) to effectively manage your traffic. Using high quality LEDs and specifications that meet International Standards, TRANSLED™ VMS is highly visible and long lasting. TRANSLED™ VMS can be integrated to your Control Centre, allowing you to manage the messages remotely through wired or wireless communication.

The VMS system consists of:

• VMS Local Controller
• VMS Supporting Structure
• VMS Operating Software

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Passenger Information Display (PID)
High Resolution Dissemination System For Public Transportation.

Passenger Information Display (PID) is a high resolution LED display panel that provides up-to-date information to the public. Uses of the PID includes arrival/departure time for various transportation areas such as bus stops and stations, railway stations and airports.


• High resolution, tri colour display for passenger information.
• Multiple animation features to improve message delivery to passengers.
• Wide viewing angle up to 150 degrees allows visibility from all sides.
• High speed communication protocol, error free communication.

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Traffic Signals Series
Certified To EN12368-2000 Standards & Over 150,000 Units Shipped Worldwide.

Replace old technology incandescent and halogen traffic signals with TRANSLED™ Traffic signals. Certified to International Standards, TRANSLED™ Traffic signals use only high quality LEDs, giving you great visibility over a long lifespan.

• 90% energy saving as compared to Incandescent Traffic Signals.
• Direct replacement for conventional signal without changing housing, wiring or power supply.
• Available in sizes of 8” (213mm) and 12” (300mm).
• Certified to meet EN 50293 EMC Standards.
• Certified to meet EN 60529-1989 IP65 Ingress Protection Grade.
• Certified to meet IEC 60068-2-34 Vibration Test.
• Available in Phantom 3 and Phantom 5. (*only applicable to HI-FLUX series.)

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i.tac™ Control Centre Software for Transportation
Traffic Management Software Suite

i.tac™ Control Centre software is the heart of any Traffic Management Centre. Built using an open architecture, i.tac™ provides seamless integration to multi-vendor roadside equipment and disparate systems deployed across your infrastructure giving you a holistic view of traffic situations via a single intuitive graphical user interface.

i.tac™ is designed as a modular system, allowing the software to scale and grow according to your needs. The base software includes an automated incident response recovery plan, with tracking to ensure that incident recovery is complete.

For large operations, use i.tac™ at your remote site control centres and your central headquarter control centre. This allows your remote sites to monitor and manage roadside equipment under their charge autonomously, whilst being fully integrated to your central headquarter - giving you a view of everything that is happening within your entire Intelligent Transport System (ITS) infrastructure.

Contact ITRAMAS to find out more on how you can optimize and maximize your existing ITS infrastructure.


• Geographical Information System.
• Traffic Flow Analysis & Reporting.
• Response Plan System.
• Video Wall Control System.
• Incident Detection & Management System.
• Web Based Traffic Information System.
• Mobility Solution and Field Equipments Sub. System.


• Equipped with Geographical Information System (GIS) modules for holistic view of the areas under the surveillance.
• High efficient system software to gather, categorise the information and display the alarm in real time with the pre-set standard operational procedures in place for fast turnaround response with other emergency bodies.
• Perform detailed task analysis to form an audit trail for post incident review, system fine tuning and detailed reporting.
• Allows CCTV play back to retrieve historical data for incident tracking and analysis.


System Integration and Customisation
Solutions and Services

ITRAMAS offers total solutions and systems implementation services to cater to all of your needs. With our vast experience in small and simple to large and complex implementations, we create innovative, fully integrated solutions to match your requirements - covering consultancy, planning and design, project management, implementation, testing and commissioning, as well as maintenance and operations.