TRANSLED™ Passenger Information Display (PID)
High Resolution Dissemination System For Public Transportation.


High resolution LED display panel to provide public transport information display. Can be used at Bus stations, railyway stations and places of public interests.

Product Description

Information display panel can be used in public places to display information of public interests such as arrival and departure times of public transport and announcements.

Message can be displayed in Red, Amber and Green colors.

Up to 5 lines can be displayed on Type S and 17 lines on Type L.

Full matrix display capability allows messages in multiple languages to be displayed at the same time.

Operating temperature of 0°C to 65°C allows PID to be installed in indoor or semi outdoor environments with appropriate enclosures to suit the application.

7 step automatic brightness control system will be able to adjust to ambient light conditions to optimize readability.

Up to 4 pages of display can be stored in the local controller to enable display selection. Page viewing time can be changed.

Can generate alarms on critical component failures like ventilation fan, power supply and display elements. This enables remote management of the PID.

Supporting back end system for vehicle tracking and travel time calculation are also available as options.


• High resolution, tri color display for public transport information display at public locations.

• Multiple animation features to improve message delivery to passengers.

• Wide viewing angle of up to 150 degrees allows visibility from all sides.

• Robust communication protocol for high speed, error free communication with the PID.