Security & Surveillance System

i.tac™ Control Centre Software for Security & Surveillance

i.tac™ Control Centre software, acts as a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software when used for Security & Surveillance, providing you with the next generation solution to address emerging security issues.

By creating clear, step-by-step strategic plans, i.tac™ empowers you to deliver the most appropriate emergency responses when a security breach occurs. i.tac™ has the technology to coordinate and automate the tasks to help security operators detect and react in a timely and effective manner when handling any emergency situation.

i.tac™ is designed with flexibility in mind to serve the security & surveillance needs of a variety of implementations - from transportation (road, railway, airport, seaport) to homeland security, municipality to townships, and commercial warehouses and buildings.

Contact ITRAMAS to find out how you can effectively optimise your security & surveillance operations.


• Speeds up response time
• Minimise operational costs
• Reduce human error

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