TRANSLED™ Traffic Signals Series
Certified To EN12368-2000 Standards & Over 150,000 Units Shipped Worldwide.


The Traffic Signal has been tested for ingress protection of IP65 as per EN 60068 and EN 60529.

Retrofitting of Hi-Brite Traffic Signal only takes a few minutes because it can fit in most of the standard aspects available for incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Product Description:

• Hi-Brite Traffic Signals use the latest AllnGAP and InGan LED Technology. Low power LEDs are used.

• Can work with input voltage range of 220VAC and 110 VAC with a possible voltage fluctuation of +/- 20%. This allows for reliable operation in the field in spite of any changes in power supply voltage regulation.

• Enhanced thermal design allows for good heat dissipation of LED and power supply for longer life span. Good heat dissipation will allow for longer life span of LED signal due to lower operating temperature.

• Comes with 1 meter cable with fashion termination for easy and reliable electrical connection.

• High impact resistant front lens protects the Traffic Signal from damages caused by objects that may hit the Signal.

• Traffic Signal is provided with optional housing. Visors and clamps that cater for different signal assembles.

• Optional rubber gaskets are available upon request.