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December 2008 - Forbidden City Conservation Lighting.

The Forbidden City is located strategically in the middle of Beijing which is currently situated to the north of the Tiananmen Square. It was the Chinese imperial palace during the mid-Ming Dynasty till the end of the Qing Dynasty. The site of the Forbidden City was part of the Imperial City during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty. The southern section or the Outer Court was where the emperor exercised his supreme power over the nation. The northern section or Inner Court was where the emperor lived with his royal family.

After being the home of 24 emperors; 14 of the Ming Dynasty and 10 of the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City cased being the political centre of Ching in 1912 with the abdication of Puyi, the last Emperor of China. The Forbidden City listed under UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987, the Forbidden City or Imperial Palace is now currently administered by the Palace Museum which carrying out a sixteen-year restoration project to repair and restore all buildings in the Forbidden City to their pre-1912 state. It attracts millions of visitors yearly now; and it's the heart of tourist attraction as well as part of the historical pride of the Chinese people.

The Q-RAY™ lighting solution was selected as the lighting source because of its high color rendering index (CRI) which brings out the natural colors of the architect. It fulfilled the conservation of heritage property that required no UV or infrared rate in the light for safety reasons and no electrical wiring is allowed in certain sections of the building. Q-RAY™ fulfills all these needs.

Q-RAY™ product is solely manufactured in Malaysia with a team of talented engineers to suite lighting applications using LED technology as light source. With more than 10 years in LED based lighting business started off from traffic signals to architectural lighting and to general & lighting; the Forbidden City offered an extensive experience of both lighting and LED merged together to create a unique piece of art.

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