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October 2008 - Lighting for Tomorrow 2008 Winners Announced!


Winner & Honorable Mention

Digital Lighting Inc. earned an honorable mention for its color quality and color adjustment features recently for its task/ desk light fixture MP-400. The desk lamp provides a tunable white light to suit individual reading preference and the four directional light sources provide the user with flexibility to adjust the light for individual reading preference.

Awards were presented at the American Lighting Association Annual Conference in Washington D.C. on Sept. 16. The competition is designed to stimulate the market for attractive, energy-efficient residential lighting fixtures that use a fraction of the electricity of standard incandescent fixtures. By encouraging new designs and technologies, Lighting for Tomorrow aims to increase market acceptance and awareness of the growing opportunities in energy-efficient lighting.

The sixth annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition attracted a large group of beautiful new designs in energy-efficient lighting, including 56 Solid State Lighting (SSL) models incorporating light-emitting diodes and 40 models using compact fluorescent lighting. Thirty-two companies submitted LED entries of which 4 were recognized in the Near-term applications category.

The 2008 judging panel selected the yearbook fixtures on the basis of attractiveness, value and marketability. Solid-state-Lighting fixtures were judged on color appearance, color rendering, amount and distribution of light, overall aesthetic appearance, innovative, and application efficiency compared to standard lighting technologies. These innovative lighting fixtures combine the best current LED technology with innovative designs to provide high-quality, energy-efficient lighting for specific uses throughout the home. Winners will be showcased in four publications:

1) A "Yearbook" featuring the fluorescent indoor and outdoor fixture families;

2) The SSL Winners Brochure, highlighting the LED-based winners;

3) A new construction brochure aimed at home builders, and highlighting the fluorescent winners that are especially builder friendly.

4) A consumer brochure providing a quick snap shot of the highest scoring products.

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