Renewable Energy
ITRAMAS' foray into the Renewable Energy sector has accelerated the region's, Sustainability efforts and brought net-zero carbon a step closer to reality

Powering the future with green energy

As one of the largest developer, contractor and operators of utility-scale Solar Energy plants in the South-East Asian region, ITRAMAS provides a full range of solutions for utility-scale Renewable Energy facilities, Private Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for corporate clients wishing to convert to Solar Energy, as well as a strategic offering with local banks for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Systems through our SOLARSAVETM HOME and SOLARSAVETM BIZ programmes, as part of our mission to make green and clean energy more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Large Scale Solar (LSS)

Quantum Solar Park

As one of the largest Renewable Energy players in South-East Asia, ITRAMAS provides full-fledge energy solutions for Utility-scale Renewable Energy plants.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Purchase electricity directly from ITRAMAS through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

SOLARSAVE™ is a programme by ITRAMAS that makes green and sustainable energy accessible to the public through conversion to Solar Energy. It not only allows customer to save up to 99% on their electricity bills, but also offers a chance to earn extra income via our Ambassador and Partnership Programme.

Utility-scale Renewable Energy

Large Scale Solar (LSS)

Quantum Solar Park

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As the largest developer and solar power plant operator in Malaysia with an accumulative capacity of 200MWp, ITRAMAS provides full-fledge solutions for the Renewable Energy sector from Power Plant Development, Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC), to Operations & Maintenance (O&M) in the Large Scale Solar Space.

What We Do

Project Development

Project Finance & Development

Engineering Design

Contracting & Procurement


Operation & Maintenance

LSS Projects

50MWac LSS, Kedah Malaysia
180 acres

50MWac LSS, Terengganu Malaysia
200 acres

50MWac LSS, Melaka Malaysia
198 acres

Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract under which a business agrees to install solar system and purchase electricity directly from ITRAMAS.

Green Energy Benefit for Businesses

• Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Compliant
• Reduce business overhead cost
• Energy independence
• Decrease carbon footprint

Key Features

21 Years Operations & Maintenance

24/7 Savings App Monitoring

Free Solar NEM Quota & System Design

Project Development

Up to 30 years life-span

Off- Balance Sheet

Zero Capex

Immediate Electricity Savings