Smart City Solutions
Smart Cities make a better world. ITRAMAS connects innovations, digital technologies and modern urban infrastructure to create a better quality of life for the people while achieving Sustainability Goals.

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Smart Cities involve using intelligent and smart technology and solutions to improve the performance and quality of urban services and reduce consumption of resources and related costs, thus enhancing quality of life of citizens sustainably. Conversion of public street lighting into Smart LED Streetlights are often the entry to Smart Cities, as it generates great energy savings to reduce carbon footprint through smart remote controlling of the public lighting fixtures using IoT (Internet-of-Things) connectivity. Through our Q-RAYTM brand, ITRAMAS offers a range of solutions from Smart LED Streetlights, Solar-powered Smart LED Streetlights, to Smart Poles with customisable components and monitoring sensors, and ICT integration of city infrastructure with Cybersecurity solutions.

Smart City Concept

It is a new generation of smart street lighting with smart features to provide multiple capabilities and evolution of connectivity to the cities

Smart Pole Features